Friday, September 12 — Educator Give-Away

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Date: 11-Sep-2008 14:22:46 -0500
From: “Pete Mackay” Reply-To: To: Subject: [The Teacher List] 250,000 additional wikis for teachers
You may have taken advantage of the educational give-away offered by WikiSpaces last year. They gave away fully featured wikis to educators for use in their classrooms. They just gave away the last of the 100,000 free K-12 Wikispaces wiki and are celebrating and announcing a new commitment to the education community.Starting this week, WikiSpaces is giving away 250,000 more free Plus wikis for K-12 education. As with the first 100K, our K-12 wikis come with all the benefits of the Plus Plan full privacy, no ads, a customizable look, our great customer service, and no usage limits. They are also doubling their commitment to improve Wikispaces for teachers. Look for new features designed specifically to make your K-12 wikis easier to use, more productive, and more fun. And we’ll be hosting free live online events to share Wikispaces news, give short tutorials, showcase your success stories, answer your questions, and help you connect with others.-The URL:———————————————————————————–This is the_teacher_list mailing list, managed by FreeLists.orgFor more information please visit the archives web page at You may manage your subscriptionfrom this site or search the archives and submit a site recommendationfrom there.

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